Why use シ as a symbol for satoshi?

Unicode entity: & #12471; | Hex entity: & #;x30B7

View commentary on reddit. | View article on BitcoinWiki. | On the blockchain where it says "Satoshi symbol below." The goo.gl link (http://goo.gl/8vUiGM) to the ipfs file is no longer inactive, but that's okay, the image is below.

As a side note, I've long pushed for the shi symbol シ to represent one satoshi, get it? satoSHI? On January 17, 2019, the Grin coin developers held a governance meeting and adopted the ツ symbol (Tsu) as the official symbol of Grin: Read meeting notes, section 10.2. The ツ symbol (tsu) is only slightly different than the シ symbol (shi). Anyway, this is great! As Grin is true to the initial goals of Bitcoin, I love and support the Grin decision to use ツ