Satoshi Day

If Bitcoin indeed goes "to the moon" as many expect, the humble little satoshi will become the unit of trade for everyday matters. Right now, for much of the world, the U.S. dollar is the standard. But, things are changing.

When one satoshi equals one USD penny, call that day "Satoshi Day".

Following is the original suggestion for Satoshi Day from Nov. 26, 2017:

Okay, since it needs to be done, and somebody's gotta do it, I'm naming the day when one satoshi is on even par with one USD penny as "Satoshi Day". The US dollar is the symbolic de facto fiat and the penny is the smallest unit. A satoshi is the smallest bitcoin unit. When 1 penny = 1 satoshi, we're there.

Things are not as far away as one might think. A single penny is worth only 110 satoshi right now. And with bitcoin rising, that satoshi-to-penny ratio is dropping. Maybe somebody with better math skills can figure out what one penny was worth in satoshi a year ago...must have been a few hundred satoshi to one penny. It's happening.

Traditions will be needed when the Satoshi Day comes. Fireworks? Songs? Lighting your favorite fiat bill on fire and launching it with one of those Chinese lantern things?

Read the original post, predict when it will happen, or offer your own suggestions for Satoshi Day celebrations on: Reddit post | post.

How many sats is one penny worth right now?

Go to the USD to BTC converter. Type in a penny (0.01) in the bottom box to see the current satoshi-to-penny ratio. That's how many sats one penny would buy you right now. Over time, watch the number of sats drop (meaning pennies are less valuable, sats are more valuable). Eventually, when one Bitcon is worth $1M, the penny-to-sat ratio will be 1:1. That'll be Satoshi Day.