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Satoshi Bitcoin Converter - Dev Notes

Howdy. Some notes from, crrdlx, the Satoshi Bitcoin Converter developer:

Stuck Android app?

Best and easiest fix for a stuck Android app: simply uninstall the app and use the Satoshi Bitcoin Converter progressive web app (PWA).

If you're using the Android app and are stuck loading...either (a) use the web app linked above (recommended), or (b) you can revert to the older app version, 4.7.1.

Unfortunately, 4.7.1 cannot be placed back onto the Play store because of updated Play store rules (they require that new releases target a newer Android version). Still, you can get 4.7.1 at the developer's (me, crrdlx) GitHub account below.

Read the for instructions.

You know that the 4.7.1 version comes from me, crrdlx, the developer, by cross-checking my credentials at and at

A letter from the dev...

Dear users,

I initially made this converter in June of 2013 as a website for myself because I kept getting confused with Bitcoin units and prices. Then, I made it into an app and put it on the Google Play store for anyone to use, for free.

I'm thrilled that this app has had visitors from 134 countries around the world (and I'm sure there are more countries that I've missed). The map below shows the countries using the Satoshi Bitcoin Converter app in glorious bitcoin orange.

Since many of the nations are developing or are undergoing turmoil in some manner, I trust that the app indeed is doing some good in some way in these places. That makes me :)

Contact info at:



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